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oh. bk, how you suck...

Do you know where this is going? You should. Breaking the diet one day at a time.

I was on the way back from moving ten 18 gallon bins of toys from storage to the house, and realized I was starving. Hey, my brain said, you can get grilled chicken at BK.

And then, on the sign, I saw the Loaded Angus Steakhouse Burger. You know, there's a limit to how much artery-clogging one should do on a daily basis, and I think this is probably beyond that limit.

Let's start with a nice Angus burger. Ok, put it on a corn-dusted bun. Now add bacon. And onion straws. And A1 steak sauce. And cheese. Sounds good so far, right? Mmm, fatty goodness. Now, add mashed potatoes. "Loaded" mashed potatoes, I assume. I couldn't find the details on their website, but from the menu board, it taunted me. "YOU CANT RESIST! You want to know how bad it really is!"

Yeah, I got one, and it wasn't as horrible as I originally thought. However, as I was eating it, I realized they're just doing the same think KFC does, in sandwich form. You could easily swap out the steak sauce for a thick, savory gravy, leave off the bacon, substitute onions for onion straws and make a "cottage pie burger". And somebody would eat it. Probably some bloke, who like me, was curious.

Now, I'm not curious. I won't go down that path again.

What I did find odd was not with the burger, but with the cup my diet soda came in -- "Designed by Sean John". Really? Do we need that shit? Who the f*ck cares? It's a cup of ice with about 2 oz of coke in it. Does anybody but me read the cup?


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