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January 31, 2005

and more birthdays over the weekend

happy birthday pickett.
and danny, too.

googling for apples...

well, i was googling for something here at work and found the following trivia (courtesy http://www.kensforce.com/)

In Logan's Run, the original casting choices were as follows: Logan 5 - Jon Voight, Jessica 6 - Lindsay Wagner, Francis 7 - William Devane, & Ballard - James Cagney.

There you go. A bit of trivia for the recently-turned-30.

January 28, 2005


ok. the migraine is back.

i walked out of the building for my midterm with two hellspawn projects weighing on my soul. i walked back in feeling relief from finishing the exam to find that our network connection to the outside world was down, killed by the a/c guys in our ceiling.

t g i f.

it's funny, i was going to write about how i wanted to just chill out or do something completely silly tonight because i need to not think. at all. maybe see if the picketts wanted to chow on some hometown buffet. or something.

January 27, 2005

plans of attack...

it's thursday. i have 3 forms to build, a database to create, and a report to write for tonight's lab, and a midterm to study for.

is that enough?

No. In addition (for fun) I'm making a list of Dayton/Cinci area Targets, Walmarts, Kmarts, Meijers, and TRUs in an effort to make a toy run on the way to my friend Jay's birthday extravaganza.

January 26, 2005

dcd figures. the checklist.

I've been neglecting the checklist... I really have.
here goes.
Working backwards, from what is currently out:

JLA Wave 2:
Elongated Man
Atom: Ray Palmer
Adam Strange

Hush Wave 2: (from Tower Records! cheap cheap!)
Harley Quinn

First Appearances Wave 2 (Thanks, Nala!)
Green Lantern: Alan Scott

Batman Yamato Wave 2

Modern Teen Titans, Wave 1
Wonder Girl: Cassandra Sansmark
Robin: Tim Drake

Series 53:
Legion: Invisible Kid
Legion: Colossal Boy
Silver Age Batwoman & Batgirl

Dark Knight Returns Wave 1:
Robin: Carrie Kelly Thanks Evebird!

First Appearances Wave 1:
Wonder Woman
The Flash: Jay Garrick

Hush Wave 1:
Jason Todd/Hush (exclusive)

Series 49 (Return of Superman?):
Black Suit Superman

Batman Yamato Wave 1:
Harley Quinn

Series 47/48:
Legion Timberwolf
Legion: Ferro Lad
Silver Age Catwoman/Penguin

Kingdom Come Wave 3:
Armored Wonder Woman
Red Arrow Exclusive

SuperFriends Wave 3:
Batman/Scarecrow Thanks Nala!
Robin/Riddler Thanks Nala!

JLA Wave 1:
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner (x 2)
The Flash

Kingdom Come Wave 2:
Kid Flash
Red Robin

Series 43:
"Classic" Titans Box Set (Changeling, white Raven, gold Cyborg, Starfire, Changeling-as-ape
Silver Age Batgirl/Joker

Kingdom Come Wave 1:
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman

Series 41:
Modern Supergirl
Cyborg Superman

SuperFriends Wave 1 & 2:
Superman /Lex Luthor
Wonder Woman/Cheetah Thanks Nala!
Green Lantern/Sinestro
Aquaman/Black Manta Thanks Nala!

Series 38: (March 2003)
Birds of Prey 3-pack
Brainiac 13

Series 37:
Silver Age Green Lantern: Hal Jordan
Green Lantern: Guy Gardner
Green Lantern Villain: Effigy
Silver Age Batman & Robin

Series 36:
Legion: Star Boy x 2
Legion: Chameleon Boy
Legion: Sun Boy
Legion: Ultra Boy x 2

Crime Syndicate:
Power Ring
Owl Man
Ultra Man
Johnny Quick

Series 34:
Smallville: Clark Kent
Smallville: Lana Lang
Smallville: Lex Luthor
Enemy Ace
JLA: Brave & the Bold Gift Set

Series 33:
Green Lantern: Hal Jordan (reissue)
Promethea & Sophie
Alfred E. Newman as Robin
Alfred E. Newman as Green Arrow
Alfred E. Newman & Spy vs. Spy

Series 32:
Silver Age Superboy and Supergirl
Authority: Jenny Sparks
Authority: The Engineer
Authority: Midnighter
Authority: Apollo

Series 31:
Blue Beetle
Phantom Lady
Uncle Sam
The Question

Series 30:
Phantom Stranger
Tim Hunter
Legion Villain: Mordru

Series 29: (May 2002)
Legion: Mon El
Legion: Brainiac 5
Vandal Savage
The Shade

Series 28:
Black Adam
Sgt. Rock

Series 27:
Alfred E. Newman as Green Lantern
Alfred E. Newman as The Flash

Series 25 & 26:
Green Lantern Villain: Fatality
Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner
Green Lantern: Tomar Re
Green Lantern: John Stewart

Series 24:
Silver Age Green Arrow & Speedy
Solomon Grundy
Power Girl

Series 23:
Sandman: Morpheus Variant
Sandman: Desire
Sandman: Delerium
Sandman: Daniel
Superman & Lois Lane x 2

Series 22:
Alfred E. Newman as Batman
Alfred E. Newman as Superman
Lobo with Cycle
Gorilla Grodd

Jakita Wagner
Elijah Snow

Series 20:
Silver Age Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl
Mirror Master
Captain Cold
Star Sapphire

Series 19: (July 2001)
Flash/Kid Flash/Cosmic Treadmill
Martian Manhunter
Red Tornado

Series 18:
The Demon
The Spectre: Hal Jordan
Starman: Jack Knight Variant (blue jeans)

Series 17:
Darkseid and Orion
Golden Age Sandman Variant (Blue Trenchcoat)
Golden Age Dr. Midnite
Golden Age Hourman

Series 16:

Dr. Manhattan
Silk Spectre II

Series 15:
Cyborg (silver)
Raven (blue)

Series 14:
Cosmic Boy
Saturn Girl
Lightning Lad

Series 13:
Sandman: Arabian Nights
Sandman: Dream Hunters

Series 12:
Golden Age Wonder Woman
Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott
Golden Age Flash
Golden Age Starman

Series 11:
Barda/Mr. Miracle/Oberon
Max Mercury

Series 10:
Tomorrow Woman
Android Hourman
Captain Marvel/Billy Batson

Series 9:
Dr. Fate
Spectre: Jim Corrigan
John Constantine

Series 8:
Tom Strong & Pneuman
Kid Flash: Wally West

Series 7:
Hawkman/Hawkgirl 2-pack

Series 6:
Preacher: Cassidy
Preacher: Tulip
Preacher: Saint of Killers

Hard Travelin' Heroes:
Black Canary
Green Arrow: Oliver Queen
Green Lantern: Hal Jordan

Series 4:
Sandman: Morpheus
Starman: Jack Knight x 2
Spider Jerusalem

Series 3:
Plastic Man
Jessie Custer

Series 2:
Golden Age Sandman
Wonder Woman
Swamp Thing

Series 1:
Alfred E. Newman
Black Spy
White Spy

January 25, 2005

OU shooting no more...

Use of OU logo: shot

The decision to no longer allow OU-labeled shot glasses began with Dean of Students Terry Hogan, said Barbara Nalazek, assistant director of university legal affairs. She said that, before finalized, the decision had to be approved by several university offices, including university advancement, communication and marketing and legal affairs.
Hogan said the action is not a "ban," but the university's choice not to allow the further use of the OU logo on shot glasses.
Hogan said the idea came from the Coalition Advocating Responsible Drinking Decisions, a group that he co-chairs and is made up of OU students, faculty and administration. The goal of the group is to reduce high-risk drinking on campus.
"Drinking shots, in my view, is high-risk drinking," he said.
Hogan said he did not want it to appear that OU was endorsing and profiting off of unhealthy drinking, by having its logo appear on shot glasses.

Yeah. Ok. Whatever. Sounds to me like you're pushing your own agenda, Mr. Chair.

Businesses are still permitted to produce beer steins and pilsners with OU logos, which Nalazek said seems inconsistent with the shot glass ban, but also said the nature of the products' use is the reason for the difference.
"You can have a beer, you can have a couple beers, it can be social," Nalazek said. "Typically, if you're doing shots, you're getting drunk."
Hogan also said shot glasses were a more significant issue. "Mugs can be used to drink other things," he said.

Like the blood of a virgin?

The problem here is not the shot glasses. Shot glasses with collegiate logos are not so much bought by students, as much as by alumni who wish to remember their days at OU, or collectors.

The bookstores are sold out. My earlier online order for two was cancelled.

and you thought you hated Ohio winters?

an email from my mom arrived this morning.

their heat pump at the florida house died the night before last, and they spent all day trying to find someone to come fix it. now granted, they're in florida, but the temperatures were running in the low 30s, so the house was cold when they woke up. their insurance covered fixing the heat pump, this time, but next time, it won't be, since it won't cover things over 15 years old. so, they're shopping for a new one.

along with that news, she asked if we had had the predicted 8" of snow this past weekend, and told me that my cousin Kevin in Plymouth ended up with 38", which had to make things damn miserable.

count your blessings, ohioans. at least most of you don't live on a coast. (toledoans and clevelanders excepted).

welcome to 30

Sto lat! Sto lat! Sto lat! Sto lat! Niechaj żyje nam.
Sto lat! Sto lat! Sto lat! Sto lat! Niechaj żyje nam.
Niech żyje nam! Niech żyje nam!
Zdrowia, szczęścia, pomyślności! Niechaj żyje nam.
Niech żyje nam! Niech żyje nam!
Zdrowia, szczęścia, pomyślności! Niechaj żyje nam.

Happy birthday, Jay! You made it to 30.

January 24, 2005

hmmm... yehhhhs.

ok. i know. i'm posting a lot, but i'm deskbound, pretty much, and in between users calling me to help them email photos to their sons (dont ask) and generally covering for two systems guys who aren't in the building, i'm doing little tasks and finding more things to say.

my poor baby cousin Lucy. she's got the family scowl already. however, she does temper it with lots of smiles, which makes me glad.

and... in other news, i've been testing wordpress. it's too easy. something about its ease of setup (and use) makes me veddy uncomfortable, even though it's done in php, of which, everyone knows, i am a fan.

so... i'm going to install phpnuke on one of my other sites and test it for a while.


Ok... checking into cons for the next couple months...

Southern Ohio Toy Show: Sat., March 19, 10-3:00, $3, Wilmington OH
Buckeye Comic Con -- Sunday March 20, $2, Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe

January 21, 2005

suggestions wanted...

need to find a male stripper for a gay friend's birthday party. not having any luck. all the ones i've seen say "for women only". it doesn't help that the venue is in cincinnati. is there anyone that can help? I'll put up some cash...

against the 'graine

So. I've taken some pain relievers.
I've taken some sinus meds.
I've gotten my caffeine for the day.
My office is now dimly lit by my desk lamp.

I'm on the edge of migraine. Teetering.

But I got my figures, and I got some Excedrin Migraine. We'll see how it works.

If I went around the hallways screaming "For the royalty!" do you think they would send me to a mental hospital?

"Every job from the Royalty is a gift!"

did you know?

did you know you can interface with mySQL databases from MS-Access?


i didn't either. but it kicks ass.
in other news, I've been farked, sorta. see the original post here.

migraines much?

ooh. my head.

i havent had a migraine in months. yesterday, between the weather, the tmj, and my fighting a cold, somehow i got one. I couldnt think. I couldnt move. I wanted to both cry and vomit at the same time.

So I went home, fell into my bed, took some naproxen, and woke up 2 hours later migraine free. This morning, I was fine.

Till I got to work. It's back again. And I've been dumped a 2 week project that I'm being told must be done by Monday morning.

"For the royalty!"

Hail, Hellspawn.

I'm just hoping my naproxen can deaden the pain enough to keep me going.

Gotta get into a php and mySQL mindset, too, since this project isnt in the technologies I use daily... asp and M$-SQL.

a note from the nursing home

This appeared in my inbox today:

I visited Gram today. She gave me 77 paper napkins she had saved in a drawer. I also found 2 rotten clementines she was hoarding. I have a friend whose mom snitches bagels and takes them back to her room. I have another friend who takes her father in law shopping to amuse him. He walks out of the supermarket with several newspapers in his back pocket. This is what you have to look forward to when you're taking care of parents. Have fun!
Love you all! Mim

It's no worse than ever. Don't all grandmothers who survived the depression and war rationing save everything?

No news on the uncle. I must follow up on that.

January 18, 2005

never ever ever pass up a sale.

Batman 10" - $7.80
Flash 10" - $7.80
Girls of Gotham 4-pack $6.00
The Batman - Batcave - $20.
The Batman - Penguin - $8.
Teen Titans mini-figures Series 2 - #1-2, $6.99 apiece.
JL Battle Scenes (Black Superman, Dk Blue Batman), $4.50 apiece
JL Mission Vision Deluxe Superman and Deluxe Batman, $4.50 apiece
Elongated Man, Batman, Hawkgirl 3-pack (yes, again), $10.

I'm trying to think of anything else I got... but I can't.

good lord, mondays suck.

so, i woke this morning to puke on the landing, poop on the kitchen floor, and milk that had gone bad in the fridge.

i spent over 10 minutes heating up my -2 degree truck enough so that I could see through the frost on the inside of my front window.

then, I stopped at the convenience store so I could get some coffee and cereal (cheaper there than if I get it at work). almost get in an accident at the famous intersection of my last one because some dickhead is driving 50 mph down high street.

then, when i do get to work, i find out there's no a/c in our server room today.

and of course, no milk in the vending machine. it's been replaced with muffins.

yes, I realize it's Tuesday. all i wanted was half-caf coffee and a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

*smashes head against desk*

January 13, 2005

DC Direct Batman Kia Asamiya Collector Series Action Figures


So, I wasn't going to pick up the latest series of DC Direct Kia Asamiya figures (Batman, Two-Face, Joker, and Catwoman). I still might not, but I did admire them as my favorite comic shop owner took them out of the case.

Each comes packaged in a roughly 8" cubic box with a window opening in front. The figure comes packed at varying distances from the window. The Batman is about halfway back on the right. The Two-face is near the front on the left. The Joker is near the front on the left, and the Catwoman (as I recall) is similarly positioned to the Batman, halfway back and to the right. The packaging allows the light to play off each figure differently, which makes me want to buy each just to display them in-box.

But then I realize they're $20 apiece. And the Catwoman is a bit too "manga" (as a friend of mine put it) to fit with the rest of my collection. The Two-Face is great, as is the Batman. The Joker, I could take or leave, since he reminds me of the Hush Joker and the Mattel 6" Joker.

I may still go back for them. Who knows. Especially since they're pushing back the release date for the Contemporary Teen Titans till next month.

January 12, 2005

a little ohio poot humor

well, at least it was funny at the time...

annalisa: did you read my new year's post about food resolutions? about how i'm going to try to eat only good quality food?
me: All food is good (I wish)
me: I just realized frosted flakes has high fructose corn syrup. Bastards.
annalisa: they all do
annalisa: kashi doesn't
me: Mmm. Kashi
annalisa: i love the go lean crunch. even though it makes me poot
me: nala bought some. it's yummy.
annalisa: but at least it is versatile. you can have it on yogurt or as plain cereal. or in trail mix
me: Everything healthy makes me poot
annalisa: me too. apples, especially. peppers make me burp
me: We're true ohioans. We eat all the crap and don't poot
annalisa: right
me: Pass the deep fried cheese, please
annalisa: oh man. i am sworn off cheese sticks for a while
me: I just like typing poot. Poot poot poot
annalisa: they are like crack to me
me: Deep fried pickles ARE DA BOMB
annalisa: never had those!
me: Macs added deep fried green beans
annalisa: you can deep fry just about anything and it's good
annalisa: :drool: Mac's
me: And stuffed mushrooms
annalisa: looooove Macs
me: Everything comes with salad now
annalisa: what?
annalisa: that's crazy talk!
me: Wanna scotch egg? What kind of dressing on your salad?
me: Want fish and chips? Parmesan peppercorn or thousand island?
me: Seriously
me: People were ordering salads all the time
me: So they changed the menu accordingly
me: You can't get a dinner w/o salad
annalisa: oh i thought you meant that instead of fries you got salad
me: Oh no
annalisa: which is crazy talk!
me: You get both!
annalisa: i almost had a heart attack!
annalisa: heheh
me: I am so blogging this
annalisa: do it.
annalisa: expose me for the grease-loving midwesterner that i am
annalisa: people need to know the truth!
annalisa: they demand the truth!
annalisa: :)
me: Now I'm craving deep fried everything
me: But not long john silvers
annalisa: :shudder:
annalisa: The hush puppies were good though
me: Mmm
me: We had skyline this week too
me: Gimme some spaghetti, but put some chili on it. And cover it in so much cheese I can't tell what it is!
me: Can you tell I skipped lunch today?
annalisa: yes

January 11, 2005

team player...

so I've been working on a design for my action-figure site.

it's sorta coming along. i've got a basic structure.

what I don't have is something to dress up the banner. like hero silhouettes. or pictures of the figures. or something.

i'm stuck. because it's outside the realm of a personal site. i certainly don't want to get stuck with a lawsuit because i used so-and-so's picture.

ideally, i'd like to do a city skyline with silhouetted heroes and robots behind/over it. But, that's kinda lame. And it's been done.

23. definitely.

So, I thought I was tivoing repeats of Sunday's 24 episodes last night, but it turns out they ran 2 new ones.... so out of the first 4 episodes, we missed one, and tivo'd the last two.

I checked Fox's schedule and it looks like 24 will be on Mondays.

Aisha Tyler starts in a recurring role there next Monday (hour 5). And you know I loves me some Aisha.

And I was thinking about maybe tivoing the "Point Pleasant" show (which conjured images of Mothman Prophesies) but I just read the series pilot description: (on Fox.com)

Unbeknownst to Christina, her presence in the town is having a profound effect on its inhabitants – awakening repressed feelings, unlocking secret desires and heightening emotions. As Christina seeks answers to her mother’s disappearance, she will come to realize that she has never known her “real” father either – for Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. While Christina struggles to control the demon inside her (and the powers that come with it), the fight for her soul has begun and the town of POINT PLEASANT has turned into the ultimate battleground of good vs. evil.

Sounds like a real stinker. Sometimes you win some, Fox, sometimes you lose some.

January 10, 2005


finally, i can say I'm excited for the new Battlestar Galactica.

"This is the first day of a new era." -- Richard Hatch.

toy reviews?

Ok, so I've ranted about toys in the past...
I've told you about the domino effect.
The lack of holes for pegging feet.
The flimsy legs.
The ripoffs that are toys these days.


I'm wondering... couldn't I do an action figure review once a week or so? I mean, 4-5 new DC Direct figures come out every month, plus the JL/Batman/Superman animated series figures. Not to mention Teen Titans figures.

That's a lot to choose from. And, you know, I have the bandwidth. I have the space. I have the technology.

One 500 word review each week? Three photos? Can I do it?
Will I do it?

Only time will tell.
Maybe Evebird could occasionally shoot a word or two this way, too. I'd love to hear what the kids think...


so, I eat. a lot. and I've put on weight.

I'm trying to change that. I'm walking more. I'm spreading out my meals. I'm (in general) eating better.

Granted, I'm still drinking coffee. And not even plain coffee, but the fast-cappucino stuff at Speedway (which will change, soon enough). It's extra calories, but it's extra good. Sweet. Sugary. Goodness.

But, I'm not eating poptarts. And I've resolved to not eat sugar cereal in the morning either. A simple single serving of Special K with one cup of milk. Look at me, mom, I'm watching portions!

Last night I didnt do so well... two 1/2" thick slices of Italian bread from the bakery, two bowls (1/2 lb?) of cooked spinach pasta, with about 3/4 lb of chicken breast in garlicy-good canned vegetable-laden spaghetti sauce.

I should've stopped at 1 bowl, but I was HUNGRY. Even after I was done, I wanted more. So instead I filled up on iced green tea.

I have some goals. No more than 2 glasses of wine per MONTH. No more than 4 slices of bread per day. NO BEER EVER. No vinaigrettes over salad. And, cut out the candy. Which is gonna be hard since I have so much left from Christmas. 3 cookies any one day. THREE. That's it... they're too high in sugar.

And no more 24oz sugar-cappucinos from Speedway.

And if I seem a little crankier than usual, it's because I am.


So, I missed the second episode of 24 last night. Other stuff on my mind. Wasn't thinking. Tivo snagged the Desperate Housewives, and so I'm 24-less.

This makes me very sad. Hopefully Fox will re-run it or something.

January 7, 2005

punched in the gut again

today i finally hooked up the digital audio recorder.
i really should'nt have listened.
i really should've left the bad feelings out in the ether.
i only skimmed the hours of audio. some of it bad, all of it littered with traffic and other conversations around me. but, enough to prove threats were made.

it's much too much to listen to.

and now I must go meet the robot minion before I forget and end up late for class.

oh, NOW it's friday

more science news:

A simple stroll after a full day of field research near a high Andean glacier in Peru led glaciologist Lonnie Thompson to discover a bed of previously hidden plants that date back at least 50,000 years.

January 6, 2005

greetings from lab

Before a certain someone says "why are you blogging from lab?" let me say it hasn't started yet.

Signs are that it may be good.

January 5, 2005

class pt. 2

$75 for looseleaf book
$15 for lab manual
$15 for newspaper
+$6 tax
$22 mandatory fees unrelated to class
+95 degree classroom with
700 other students

(Note: This by no means is meant to reflect on the quality of teaching by the professor, the material covered in class, or the quality of the support staff. I'm sure they're all fine. The professor is, in fact, the only reason I am still attending in that horrible space. That and the fact I'm worried something has changed since high school biology class. No offense, robotminion.)

is it friday yet?

still working on reports. still in a "bad place". desperately needing something different. dreading class. my coworker's SON is in my class, and he hates it too. not for the material, or the prof, but the spending and the crowd.

so anyway --

does anybody still want a gmail invite? I have 6 left.

January 4, 2005


well... somebody here at work is being set up to be fired. and i'm not entirely sure who. if i took the time to explain the situation, it wouldnt make any sense, so that's all i'm saying for now.

my frustrations are unrelated to this. i still want to vent, but again, time and brevity are not something i have mastered at this point.

and... i just had to purchase the New York Times for the next 9 weeks. my god I HATE this. shouldnt it just be provided in your lab fees? Instead, I have to waste 10 tons of paper to get one article a week. Because it's cheaper. Maybe I'll donate it to the waiting area here at work, so the University can recycle it.

from $9 to $21

So, now I'm paying $21 per quarter to take classes with 700 other students in my section of Bio 101, instead of the previous $9 for the past 3 years.

Why? you might ask. Because OSU decided to build a new "adventure recreation center", a new aquatic center, and a new rec (read: sports and exercise) center. I would bet that fees will go up as they finish each part.

At Ohio U, the fees were $65/quarter, to pay for the $65 Million rec center they built. Granted, it was sweet... indoor track, climing wall, every indoor sports court (incl. soccer), and a huge free-weight room, a huge room full of every type of machines, etc etc etc. And I used it. It was an easy walk from work or class. Or the dorm. Once I moved off campus, I quit using it, despite the mandatory fee.

Now, I'm paying a mandatory fee as a part time student for a facility I will likely never EVER use. Ah well... the school has gotten pretty good at screwing its students, so ... it's just another corporation.

January 3, 2005

file in "weird sci-fi reality"

(via andymatic)

For the last 12 years, a single solitary whale whose vocalizations match no known living species has been tracked across the Northeast Pacific. Its wanderings match no known migratory patterns of any living whale species. Its vocalizations have also subtly deepened over the years, indicating that the whale is maturing and ageing. And, during the entire 12 year span that it has been tracked, it has been calling out for contact from others of its own kind.

It has received no answer. Nor will it ever.

If we end up being visited by strange orbiting cylinders, I think I will just convert to the Church of Trek.

monday monday


happy new year.

to do today:
budget. (with which to guesstimate crack and other purchases)
pay bills.
pay car pay't.
estimate fed'l taxes.
pay insurance.
go to class.