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August 31, 2003


well, after looking up some of the settings, i found the wrt54g to be a decent wireless access point. getting it configured took a while.

and for some reason.... i seem to be getting more battery life? does that make sense?

August 29, 2003

53 mins.

53 mins of battery life...

53 minutes running only the screen saver.

Thank you, Apple.

best cinematography?

Johnny got dissed, bigtime. But at least Justin Timberlucky had sense to acknowledge the Man in Black's greatness.

Upon receiving his Moonman for Best Male Video: (courtesy MTV.com)

"I want a recount," Timberlake said. "My grandfather raised me on Johnny Cash, I'm from Tennessee ... I guess I share this with him in some cool way. He deserves a round of applause."

August 28, 2003

remind me

when i'm on my own computer to bring up religion and how people use/abuse it.

dirty pretty things

wow. slightly more depressing than i imagined, but still a good movie. summer blockbuster it isnt, but interesting.

if you're looking for gunfights and explosions, or lots of dick and fart jokes, this is NOT YOUR MOVIE.

thank god the drexel is still bringing small films here to columbus.

battery life

So, just for kicks, I'm trying the power management reset on my ibook again. I set the energy settings to highest consumption, unplugged it, and it's been running the screen saver for over 30 minutes past when it hit the 0% mark. It died just now. I'll keep it unplugged till the little heartbeat light goes out.

Maybe this time, the reset will work?

August 27, 2003

linksys wrt54g

I've almost decided what to buy.
Almost, since I find conflicting reviews of said device.
I read the manual... there's no reason it SHOULDNT work with Mac.
But, it doesnt SAY it works with Mac. Just Windows.
Some reviews say it works with both.
It's a web interface for setup, just like the netgear router I have now.

Any suggestions?

no more wifi at home

well... according to all the information i could find online, my graphite AirPort is dead. Dead dead dead. I could send it away and get it fixed for $60, but truth is, I could buy a new one on eBay of that vintage for around the same price.

I thought I had another one in-hand, but it turns out, as usual, my best friend promised me something he wasn't ready to give up yet. "But I can give you a wired one!" -- Dude, I have like 30 wired hubs. The point is I dont want to cut holes in the wall and mount network boxes yet.

And I don't want to buy a new one. Yet. Things were going well in the whole "fix up the house" savings plan. $200 would get me a new one. Perhaps even with printer sharing.

Even the $60 would hurt at the moment.

Maybe I can fish wire thru the hole in the attic floor where the phone wire goes thru, which goes into the baby room closet. That would be a cheap temporary fix.

So I could get my fix. 2 days without wifi is killing me.

[Update] Amazon.com... Less than $100, 802.11g, includes 4-port 10/100 wired cablemodem router. Free shipping. Today is looking up.

August 26, 2003

worm riders

well, i was going to say worm writers suck something, but I really have no words that can convey HOW MUCH YOU BASTARDS SUCK!

here I am, at work, trying to get a Win2K3 Web Edition test machine set up, and LESS THAN 30 SECONDS after getting it to recognize the ethernet card and plugging it into the network... BAM!

"The RPC process has unexpectedly quit. Your machine will now reboot."



You bastards need to burn in the sun for 10000 years for this shit.

[UPDATE] It got better... due to some sort of networking problems (outside of the University) nobody here could get to www.micro$oft.com OR window$update.micro$oft.com. Makes it hard to get the patches, no?

So, upon confirmation that some of my friends in other states could access those sites, I decided to pull an old trick of mine to get the patches I needed. SSH into my friends' server in California.

Well... surprise surprise, Micro$oft's shitty websites are totally unusable unless you're on a Window$ machine running IE. Talk about inaccessible. What if I were a differently-abled sys-admin (uncommon/unlikely as that sounds)? I wouldnt be able to patch the holes in Micro$oft's shitty OS without using their own tools to access their shitty website.

So, what did I do? Since tech articles reside on support.micro$oft.com, I could read those, and look at the properties for the links to the downloads I needed. (downloads reside on www.micro$oft.com, which, you'll remember, I couldnt get to). So then, on my other machine, I had to retype the url in the lynx browser... including some 30 hexidecimal digit number which uniquely identifies the particular patch you wish to download. My hands looked like pretzels...

So, once downloaded to my friends' server, I was able to retrieve them back to my local machine and burn them to cd, allowing me to patch a machine disconnected from the network.

Oh, and I never did tell you the network card drama. One of the most common ethernet cards still around, the 3 c 509 by 3Com is unsupported in Win2k3. Guess what we have laying around, and in almost every box here? Yep.

So, I found a work-around for XP, and used that on Win2K3. It worked. And then 30 seonds later I had that f'king worm.

lazy monday?

we can actually now see the dining room floor.

nala sorted books, and i managed to haul another bookshelf upstairs without killing myself. yes, me. bum knee and all. i also unpacked another 3-4 boxes of books.

sunday, i unpacked books and then hung the drapery rod in the back window. i need to buy the sheer panel. and the thread to hem them all. oh, and I suppose also starch and iron them. that, friends, is going to be a treat.

but at least now i have the room to do it.

juice and the Vee came over last night for a welcome-home cookout with insanely huge burgers and a fresh salad that was to die for (thanks Vee!). Literally all we had to do was play hosts and serve cake.

My knee, despite the stiffness, I think is getting better. Stronger, for sure. I have these exercises I'm supposed to be doing, and I'm trying to do them casually, when I think of it. They're an inconvenience... but I can do them here at work. I put my foot up on the bottom file drawer and clench the muscles in my leg, pulling my kneecap northward. Repeat 100 times. (No, I'm not kidding). Also, seated toe-touching to stretch the hamstring. 100 times. Yes, again, not kidding.

When in pain, the Vioxx seems to help.

August 25, 2003

just because i'd never seen it

first of all, let me say that the only skins in question were the peach and nectarine.

i still dont know anyone who will eat the peach skin. as for the others, with store-bought fruit, it's ok, but if you live on a farm in Ohio, where the bugs are, you tend to peel more things.

also, when you have fucked-up teeth, and then later braces, you peel everything because it's either embarassing to eat it or you get it caught everywhere.

that doesnt change the fact that the only fruits i ever saw anyone eat in their lunches were strawberries, bananas, apples, grapes and oranges. nobody ever brought plums, nectarines, peaches or pears, unless they were those individual-portion canned kind.

my mom couldnt believe i'd never seen anyone eat nectarines with the skin on. or peaches, despite the gross fuzz. i just hadn't. that doesnt make it impossible.

and yes, i would most definitely get grossed out if you picked a peach off of my parents' trees and ate it.

August 24, 2003

a start, i guess

i really like the brighter colors... i sort of like the header. i need to rearrange things to better suit the site... i wanted to do more to the sidebar too.

i get sidetracked... looking for ideas... then browsing old photos.

i mean, i cant help but smile when i think of my friends Annalisa and Christine and Deb. Come on... what's not to like? I mean, they's my bitchez.

Speaking of bitchez... we stopped by Ben's house on Friday and bitch didnt answer the door! The door was open, but we decided he must be 'unavailable'. Too bad, too, since he missed out on dinner at Aladdin's.

Oh, and Juice and the Vee should be back in Cowtown sometime today! Rock on! I'm thinking I might make that orange cake again today.

August 23, 2003

turn and face the strange

changes are afoot. gonna get back to an older design feel, i think. maybe later today. caffeine always makes me supermotivated, but then unable to concentrate, so we'll see.

August 22, 2003


Well, I was going to participate in this, but it's a little late.

So, I'll link to a few stories, and let you decide if they're true or not.

Shark Attack

Snow Princes and Ice Queens

Grimace vs. Satan

Grimace vs. Binge Drinking

August 21, 2003

hoonts all around!

well, today, i went home for lunch (basically to make sure the a/c was on) and on my way up the street, a small black and tan dog ran out. its owner soon dashed out to scold and retrieve it, and then they continued up the sidewalk. i passed them, but still could not get a good look at the tiny dog. i pulled up in front of the house, and got out of my car. they were about 2 houses away when i realized it was a black and tan hoont.

i struck up a conversation with her owner (whose name I didnt get) but she said she was a mini puppy. long hair (although you couldnt tell that except for the ears). she was adorable. and quiet. oh so quiet and sweet looking. no barking at all!

"Don't let her fool you, she's stubborn and refuses to come when I call."

I laughed and said "yours too, huh?"

She's been sent to training, but she still refuses to listen. Stubborn little bastards they are.

Her name was Madison, Maddie for short, and I cannot convey how adorable she was, so tiny, trying to navigate through the flowers to come see me.

I have a feeling we will be seeing Maddie more. Her mom takes her for walks around the block.

picnics suck

picnics suck, at least at work... yesterday was the rescheduled "Spring Fling" -- a combined VP-area party for all the departments under our AVP.

the most annoying things about the party, in no particular order:

  • all the various departments each have divisions which are cliquish on their own. put all four together, and you've got hundreds of people who dont or wont speak to each other, even going so far as to IGNORE each other, even if they're friendly usually.
  • outdoors. 90-degree weather. mayonnaise.
  • the lack of good sense to set up tables in the shade instead of the sun
  • for the second year in a row, setting up the karaoke/dj booth outside the offices of the IT staff, preventing any work for 3-4 hours.
  • lack of outdoor outlets, so power is run through an open window, negating air conditioning, and increasing the decibels of aforementioned dj/karaoke amplifiers.
  • complete and utter disregard for people trying to do their job
  • the unwritten expectations that you will enjoy yourself and participate in any games or competitions.
  • the phone calls from department heads and above basically insisting that your employees participate in the dessert bake-off

Let me tell you something... the last thing that would help me be a productive employee is watching the goofballs outside who think it's fun to sing karaoke for 3 hours and get paid for it, while I'm inside attempting to concentrate while they're belting out off-key Shania lyrics. Or better yet, some whiny male country tune about "where were you when the towers fell".

Screw you, and screw your karaoke guys. The dj's were the only ones who could sing, and even then, it wasnt good enough music to ignore.

as i said...

i do my bloggin' in the morning...

it was good to finally meet mike (from mikeintosh, michael.dunn.net, billyburke.com, and now michaeljamesdunn.com)... and no, as you can see, the world didnt end when the two dunn's shook hands... no explosion... no matter/anti-matter reaction.

what i did learn, though, was we are all GEEKS. come on. Josie and the Pussycats? Captain Caveman? OS X? Enterprise? Yeah... we're geeks.

apparently the other two or three rsvp's didnt show. "isildane" and "beth" were the two who i remember, and once cancelled on short notice, so we are still better than the last meetup nala and i attended where NO ONE else showed up. And Juice came along too, which was nice, since he never was on blog.meetup.com as far as I can recall...

and Chevonne (yes, I know it's usually spelled Siobhan, but she's different) tells me she still has her journal online. which means i must find it.

expect pictures after work!

August 20, 2003

shoulda brought the webcam!

so you could have a good look at the baristas. we scored prime seating at the meetup at the end of the counter at Cup-O-Joe Clintonville. And, whattya know, a former blogger, Chevonne the Dark (aka Chevondelar), was working!

watch them make the coffee! oh wait... no webcam. naughty, bad Zoot.

ok, mike's here now...

Columbus Blogger Meetup

Oh, by the way, anyblogger who is interested, for the first time in what seems like a year, the Blogger Meetup wasnt cancelled. It's at Cup-O-Joe in Clintonville at 7pm. Apparently, I am the host.

I'll have my iBook, and be sitting close to an outlet. I'll also try to bring my camera.

i knew it!!!

And IMDB just proved it. Tameka Empson, one of the stars of BBC America's 3 Non-Blondes, played the crazy neighbor in Beautiful Thing. The one who thought she was Mama Cass.

linked in old archives

It was bugging me to think that people didnt know I'd been doing this since 1999. So, I linked in the archives from my old, home-grown system. However, they will be added into Movable Type at some point, to allow easy portability.

For now, there's links to each month.

another wednesday worst

juice's wednesday worst:

  • worst airport ever: the OLD pittsburgh airport (prior to the current one)
  • worst airline ever: hm. they all seemed about the same.
  • worst place to be after being dumped: a bar in a strange town with nobody you know.
  • worst kosher meals ever: dont know, since i've never eaten a kosher meal.
  • worst pizza city ever: you mean there's such a thing?
  • worst road rage ever: ?
  • worst bars ever: the Wagon Wheel in St. Clairsville (which is no longer there), and some other bar in Flushing.

All this talk of travel reminds me, my aunt and uncle leave for Turkey next week for their exchange student's wedding.

parents' visit yesterday

mom and dad brought an axe and 2 wedges with which to split wood. (which i did, by the way. 2 pieces yielded 6 small pieces and a sweaty, out of shape matt) and I sent them home with a bolt of cloth from a yard sale, a textbook on Office 6 for Windows, and some old clothes. at least I hope that's all that was in that bag...

they said my first cat, georgie, is getting old and deaf. she'll be 10 in the spring. she's the first and by far my favorite. despite being an outdoor cat, she's very VERY friendly and enjoys people more than animals. if you're working outside, and she's not napping or hunting, she's with you. constantly. she was the runt, and left by her mom to starve to death when she moved the other kittens a half-mile down the road. 8 hours of meowy-screaming later, i rescued her from her fate as food for the local hawks. she immediately bonded with me and my mom. and my dad's ankle. (she gets high on the wild catnip and thinks my dad is a giant mouse).

Dad said he couldve used the wire shelves in Florida, but not in Ohio. Jalex, if you want them, they're still here, if only for a limited time...

oh, and it's wednesday already? where'd the rest of the week go?

reminder to self

Always check the toaster setting before inserting pop-tarts. If Nala leaves it on medium for his bagels, You're likely to burn a hole in your thumb with the hot jelly from the pop-tart. As I did this morning.

Remember when Verena burnt Nala with the cigarette? Yeah. That's what it looks like. Kellogg's ain't bullshitting when they say "filling may be HOT".

August 19, 2003

no more ebay

i keep saying that. really. no more. not till november. what's bought is bought. there's other stuff to be done.

kneed more time

Tendonitis. I'm out of shape. Duh. Vioxx, 25mg, once a day for a week. Exercises.

Parents coming at 2pm today. Found everything for them BUT the Office book for mom... will have to try to find that when I get home.

August 18, 2003

four or less degrees

on a whim, on friendster, i typed in the name of a guy i knew growing up. he was a couple years younger, and he's moved to SF and become an UI guru.

well, we knew he was in SF, and he was gay, and he was from Ohio. now, with friendster, you can see how small the world actually is. Below are listed my friends and acquaintances with connections to him (not thru me, of course).

Christine is connected thru her friend Sebastian to his friend Ed to my acquaintance Sam.

Jonno is connected to Sam thru his friends Bradford, Stephan, Nathan, Tim Buttercup, Jacke, Nikk, the Princess, and Michael (and their friends Jeff, Steve, Kai, Matthew, and Hafsa).

My cousin Simon is connected thru his friends James and J-Fuse and a contact named Technics to my acquaintance Sam.

Marah and Jen are connected to Sam thru Joel and Technics.

Jhames is connected to Sam thru Bradford and his friend Jeff.

What does this mean? This means my world keeps getting smaller. And scarier.

knee pain

I've been feeling old a lot lately. Stiff. Out of shape. Relatively normal, though. So, last night, my knee was noticably hurting. Especially when I bent it or turned to go around a corner. When I got into bed, I noticed it made a grinding noise when I bent it. Then I noticed it was swollen.

Creeeeeak. Creaaaaak. *shudder*

I call the clinic first thing this morning to get an appointment. Mind you, they open at 8, but dont turn their phones on till 8:20 or later. So, now I'm pissed.

I finally get through to talk to someone, and she asks what my symtoms are, and which doctor I would like to see. She says that my doctor is on vacation this week (from what I can tell, he takes a LOT of vacations, which is fine, if you can do it) and she asks if I would like to see another doctor. I of course say "YES! You stupid bitch, my knee is sore and swollen and making a grinding noise! They dont usually DO THAT!"

"Can you walk?"


"I can get you in at 10:20 tomorrow morning"

"I may not be able to walk tomorrow morning."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because my knee is swollen and sore and making a grinding noise, did you not hear me?! it is worse today than it was yesterday."

"I can get you in at 5:00 today."

"Why didnt you say that before you ... Great. Thanks."

August 14, 2003

four degrees...

Once in a while, I think of someone else to type into friendster... and then I get a shock when they turn up linked to me some other way.

There was a guy here at OSU who lived on my friend Jeff's floor. He was a dancer, and we were all in Campus Crusade. We took a couple trips together, and I got to know him pretty well.

And then, I moved away, got engaged, moved further away, and then I ran into him in Columbus out dancing at a bar. Never got his contact info, and then he disappeared, rumored to be dancing on a cruise ship.

I never saw him again. Thought about him every once in a while when I would look through photos or talk to mutual friends. Nobody ever knew where he was or what he was doing.

And then I typed his name into Friendster. And, he's here in Ohio. Still hanging with the pretty-boys. Looks (by his description) that he's still doing well, and (by his photo) he still has that perfect body of years past.

What still amazes me is I'm linked to him through both Jonno and Jhames.

hosting company

Can anyone recommend a good hosting company for $10/month? I've been dissatisfied with customer service at phpwebhosting.com for a long time. Anytime you can't get on the phone and yell at the incompetents, it's not worth being there. Hell, I can't even get them to answer emails most of the time. My only justification for staying is the fact that they are cheap and offer unrestricted bandwidth and space, mySQL, php, a cgi-bin directory, and multiple email addresses.

My problem is, they seem to schedule maintenance during normal hours. Or something else is going on but they arent telling what.

I have a community forum with about 50 users. That will continue to expand, since there are at least 500 alumni, and those numbers will grow.

We do SOME small image galleries. News and updates. An events calendar. Some of this stuff is prohibited on most hosting companies' TOS pages.

Since I pay for this out of my own pocket, I need it to stay cheap. $20/month (what I pay for gigamatic.com) is too much for the other site, without someone else helping pay for it.

friendster, the new sixdegrees.com

does anybody even remember sixdegrees.com? well, it was a lot like friendster. you sign up, and then tell it who you know, and then could use those people to make further connections in real life. say you needed to know someone in graphic design in new york... just search for people you were connected to in new york, and then look for someone in graphic design. ask your first contact to be introduced to the second, and down the chain.

now, after a while, it gets fun to see how you are connected to other friends. like, say, my friend robey. yes, i'm directly connected to him, but also am connected to him thru a friend of my friend christine. and also by way of jonno. and also by way of jen formerly of ACRN.

it's insane, i tell you.

August 13, 2003


lots of stuff in my head. going to try one more thing here tomorrow, for fun. then i'll be scanning a bunch more photos and such.

wednesday worst

I like these. Good going, Juice...

worst novel i ever finished that i didn't have to read for school: Ugh. I read a lot of shit... difficult to pick one that was memorable enough.

worst novel i ever had to read for school: Catcher in the Rye

worst fiction perpetrated as autobiography ever: I tend to not read autobiographies.

worst newspaper ever: I have a 3-way tie. The Lantern, The Enterprise, and the Times Leader. Of the 3, it's very hard to say which is worst.

worst magazine ever: Whaaaa? Oh... International Male. Neither international nor a magazine. Although, the title is International Male Magazine.

worst free rag ever: I saw one in Boston that was bad... but locally I'd say the "Computer News" ranks well below anything else. Even Transdimentional Times is a better read.

worst comics summer-crossover series ever: OWAW. Or maybe Armageddon. Are there any good ones anymore?

a good laugh

He won't appreciate this, i'm sure, but my cousin's latest photo on Friendster was too funny to resist.

simon, shady

He says "The guy at the DMV was more hung-over than I was."

I'm remembering hungover days like that, when my hair looked like that. Oh yeah. And somewhere, I have photographic proof.

August 12, 2003


ok, i messed up the styles.

this'll have to wait.

ok, it waited, and i think it's fixed now.

baby got birthday

Sir Mix-A-Lot turns the big 4-0 today. Go check out his website and wish him a bootylicious birthday.

August 11, 2003

there is no doubt

it is most definitely a monday.

RAID hard drive failures (plural) on a new server.
Assistant didnt show up for work. NC/NS. That is, unless he called the coworker who called in sick today.
The campus-wide printing service is being all spotty today.

unhappy monday

i am unhappy. with myself. with this site. with my lack of motivation.

so, i'm taking a stand. i'm going to finish something. really. watch and see.

August 8, 2003

five on a flooding friday

another friday five...

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?

Detroit, for gambling, I think, was after Pittsburgh and Hartford, Lowell, Portland, Damariscotta, Bethel, Andover and Errol last year.

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?

Bizarre and unusual? Well, I went to a drag show in San Francisco once, where the "hostess" gave 2 guys from the audience blowjobs on stage.

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?

Europe. Germany specifically, but I havent decided where yet.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?

Plane or car. Plane is good for longer trips. Car for anything under 6 hours.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?

Well, I'll be heading to my parents' house for a weekend, and then for Pumpkin Festival, and hopefully I'll get to get away with Nala for our anniversary. And I need to go back east and then back to SF to see my friends, but also my friend Ray is planning a wedding in some exotic locale, so I'll have to go to that, too. Something is going to have to get cut, since I need to focus money towards the house.

and I'll do last week's too...

1. What time do you wake up on weekday mornings?

Somewhere between 5am and 6am.

2. Do you sleep in on the weekends? How late?

Maybe to 7 or 8am. The hoont dictates.

3. Aside from waking up, what is the first thing you do in the morning?


4. How long does it take to get ready for your day?

Anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Depending on how groggy I am.

5. When possible, what is your favorite place to go for breakfast?

Mmm. Busia's Narozny! Or Jack and Benny's is a close second, tied with Tommy's Diner.

tastes like burning

last night was fun. ohiojay, ken, juice, nala and i all went to hound dog's pizza. yum, yum. we talked about bbwa, tv, radio, and movies. and retarded babies. and shaved women. one in particular.


so anyway. that's that. jay left for baltimore this morning for a wedding. he was warned that the bride and groom's families might make unacceptable comments about his being gay, and about another groomsman being black. he was also warned that the brides mother has disowned her, and asked for her $30k in tuition to be paid back. but she's also coming to the wedding. (going to try to collect? or cause a scene? it's anybody's guess.)

At the very least, I hope he comes back with good stories, and in the end, that Reaper and Jill have a nice wedding.

August 7, 2003

belated wednesday worst

worst cd/lp i ever wasted my money on?
worst cd/lp ever given to me as a gift?
worst cd/lp i ever heard? not this is a tough one. i've heard a LOT of bad music, or music i just didnt like, so ... worst? hmm. i have music i HATE, but that doesnt make it bad. worst i've heard? oh wait... i do know. if only i can find it. nope, can't. I can tell you the year and what I heard. 1993, Duran Duran, off key and live cassette singles. Kelly, defend them all you want, but they sucked. And apparently on purpose.

thanks, juice, for giving me blog fodder.

spam from family?

constantina dunn and malcolm latham just emailed me about how to reduce my house payments and increase my penis size.

this is disturbing. all to my legitimate email account.

August 6, 2003

skanks for the memories

No, it's not a Dave Attell CD...

Happy Birthday, Christine!

new baby name index

well, i'm taking suggestions for baby names for my sister's baby, due in january. no, not because she's asking, but because it's fun. she might, indeed, already have names in mind.

her last name (and maiden name) starts with C. her name is Alexandra and her husband's name is Ron. Her stepkids are Terra, Rachel, and Stephen. Their mom's name is Kim. Stephen is the youngest and will be a decade or so older than the baby. Just to put everything in perspective.

I'm staying out of this, because I think I already have my choices made.

in the dark

Good: I think I'm finally getting caught up on sleep. And I've dreamt every night since Thursday.

Bad: My office at work has no lights, and therefore I'm working in a cave. The "ballast" blew(?) yesterday and flooded my office with smoke while I was in a meeting next door. I smelt it, ran over, unplugged and turned off everything, and then realized what it was.

So now I work in the dark. No idea when we'll actually get the shipment of more ballasts. Three blew yesterday in our building.

(Sidenote: Jay here Thursday. Christy in town on Sept 20.)

August 4, 2003


Well, on top of the wedding festivities this weekend, I got to check in with my friend Ray and his bf Bill. Nothing new, really, which is good, I suppose, when things could be much much worse.

Then, I got a call from my friend Christy, who now lives in Akron, by way of Steubenville, St. Clairsville, Akron and New Orleans. Her long-term on-again off-again boyfriend dumped her, and she's been dating her long-term roommate for the last 6 or 7 months. Why'd she come back? Long story short, roommate conflict, and no place else to stay while she looked for work. Her first apartment out of state lasted only a couple weeks. Sad, really. She's not in the best health now, either, being diabetic along with some other troubles. That really sucks, being that she's also one of the best cooks I know, having a degree in Culinary Arts. Now she has to be all conscious of nutrition, too. What fun is that?

Thirdly, I got a message on Friendster from my cousin Simon in Washington state, including pictures of his cabin, his animals, and news that he still has no running water. (But he has electricity and Internet access!) I'll put a couple photos up later tonight.