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June 30, 2003

and, we're out.

anticlimactic, i know, but we are. done. out. finished.

goodbye wilber ave., we will miss you so.

that's so weird. 5+ years. it seemed like i would never move.


This weekend was ComFest, Community Festival, the biggest local music festival in Ohio (at least it's really really big, so I guess it probably is). 5 stages, 3 days... it's quite insane. Two of our friends sell vintage wares there, and there is always great ethnic and festival food. I forgot to get my Elephant Ear, so we'll have to wait for Pumpkin Festival to get that.

One of the best things about ComFest is running into people you haven't seen in years. Or maybe in only one year, since the prior ComFest. Usually, our friends have a monopoly on ComFest reacquaintances. This year, we didn't really run into anyone until yesterday.

Can I tell you how surreal it is to stand there, talking to one person, whom one of you lived with/next-door to, and have an old roommate of the other of you walk by and begin chatting, and then realize that both the folks you both are talking to had a third, shared, roommate? And both of your worlds shrink just a little more.

Unfortunately, nobody knows what happenned to that roommate. He dropped off the earth, or something.

Anyway, the good news is, my old roommate is living not far from my new house, and I always enjoyed hanging out with him, so we exchanged numbers and I might see more of him. He's back in school, working on an Advertising degree at CCAD. "If you're gonna sell out, sell out in the biggest way possible!" he said. Drucifer, prince of friggin darkness. Or something. For those of you reading my blog for a while, you'll remember me mentioning a friend with nephews Brick and Wood. This is that friend.

I mentioned to Nala that Dru used to be one hell of a GM for Shadowrun (and Paranoia), and that since we had all been talking about running a game, maybe he'd be up for running it. He said much as he would go along with the idea, he wouldn't play...

I don't think it would quite be the same unless I was staying up for 3 days straight, totally sleep (and food) deprived, running strictly on caffeine.

At any rate, nice to know he's in the neighborhood and doing well.

Note: Shadowrun was put out by FASA. I could not get to the official Shadowrun RPG site, nor FASA's site, but I did get to shadowrun.com which went to MicrosoftGamesInsider.com. The link I found (above) was for supplemental materials. Then I read that Shadowrun was owned by WizKids, makers of HeroClix. Now, on WizKids site, I see that WizKids was just bought by Topps, the baseball card folks. Well, the WizKids site has nothing but a version of HeroClix called Shadowrun Duels. No listing of the game books, etc. So maybe that means all the source books are collectibles now. Time for an ebay check.

wake me up

Ok, so tonight is sleeper-sofa-moving and trash removal time, and our move will be complete. Then the unpacking can begin.

My parents are coming Tuesday sometime after 2pm to see the place. Will be good to see both of them. Gotta find the one textbook for my mom, though. Seems her job might be in jeopardy since her substitute secretary can type faster and knows more about computers. I didn't figure she had much time left there anyway, since she'll be in Florida 6 months out of the year.

My goals are to get a bulk of the books out of the dining room and the kitchen finally put together before they come on Tuesday. However, I'd also like to get my desk together and the bed put together as well.

Wonder how much it will rain between now and then?

June 29, 2003

happy gay pride day

ha. well, how about happy we're out of the apartment day? happy i-cant-find-my-socks day? happy coupon-cutting day? something.

June 28, 2003

a beautiful comfest weekend, spoiled by pride

too many fags (in town for Pride weekend) making this gorgeous 80-degree ComFest weekend into a torturous hell.

Well... it's hell partly because we're still moving.

Saw CityFolk (Fab Jen's band) and Miranda Sound yesterday. Very very cool.

More news later. Now it's time to hook up the washer and dryer, and then get back to moving!

June 27, 2003

friday five on a comfest friday

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?

Unpacking and sorting and getting my life back.

2. What was your first summer job?

McDonalds. It was also my first anytime job, other than lawnmowing. I couldn't get my drivers license till my senior year, so that ruled out the only summer in high school during which I was old enough to work. And my bad reputation kept me from getting a job in my hometown.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

Hmm. Probably back to Maine to visit my grandmother and great aunt, stopping up the east coast to see various other friends and relations.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

St. Louis. 1986ish. Driving. Nothing to see.

5. What was your best vacation ever?

Best? Up until I met Nala, they all rate about the same. Most of them were with my family. The one which wasn't was with about a half-dozen friends, and by the end of a week of drinking and piss-poor planning, nobody was speaking. My best was when Nala took me to San Francisco the first time, although the time I was there in September was awesome, too, and I got to meet even more old online friends. Now it's a favorite destination.


Well, many thanks go to our friends Vijay and the Lieutenant for helping us move or remove a bunch of stuff from the apartment in Vijay's truck. We got a lot of the miscellany moved, and a truckload to Goodwill. We also got Nala's half of the office moved. Hooray!

Nala took the day off from work today, and I imagine, after he gets a new tire, will probably continue cleaning the old place. I still have some things to box up (cables, mostly), and 3 computers and a monitor. And a 4x6 rug. And some shelving. That's all, though. Really.

Oh my god, we're almost done!!!!!!!!!!

This link from Ernie makes me laugh, because I've heard them all before in my own experience... aside from maybe the unicorn one. Most recently:

Me: "Ok, if you could draw up a rough outline of what you want on the site (sections, maybe some rough copy, etc) and I'll start getting some ideas together."
Client: "Sure, great! This is going to be great!"

(three weeks pass)

Client: "How's the site coming along?"
Me: "Well, I haven't received anything from you yet. All I know is that you want a website, but you have given me no idea as to what you want in it or what you might want it to look like."
Client: "Ok, yeah, I'll get on that right now and send it ASAP."

(two [months] later and still nothing)

Client: "How's the site coming along?"
Me: ["Still Waiting!"]
Client: ["Oh yeah, we'll get right back to you!"]

[Three months later...]

Client: "Hey, remember that site we contracted you to do? Well, since you haven't started on it, we decided to take our money elsewhere for the design and let you do the backend work."
Me: "Oh really? You can't do that! We're part of the same company, and you're obligated."
Client: "Oh, ok. Well, we'll get back to you on that stuff you needed."

Another month passes...

Client: "Hey, when are we going to be able to look at that new website?"
Me: "You really don't get it, do you?"
Client: "?"
Me: "Get me the content you promised me in October! It's now mid June! You were the ones who said you needed the new site by last Christmas!
Client: "Don't get angry with me! You still havent finished the site!"
Me: (under breath) "F*cking wankers. Maybe if you were at work more than 10 hours a week you would be able to do your f*cking jobs."
Me: "Like I said before, (and frequently, I might add), phase 1 will be completed three months after you get me content and a rough idea of what you want visually. I will not start work before then. Call me when you have something.

Another month gone...

Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)

A couple more weeks...

Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)

The last two weeks... daily...

Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)
Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)
Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)
Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)
Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)
Me: "Where's my content?"
Client: (no answer)

I give up. Somehow it will all be my fault anyway.

June 26, 2003

a quickie pet peeve

If you don't know that all web pages (either ASP or PHP or JSP or HTML) usually ultimately send HTML (a language) to the browser, and you think that corporate web sites should be developed and edited in FrontPage, please tender your resignation now.

I had a Systems Admin tell me that because I generated clean, standards and accessibility-compliant HTML in a text editor, and she needed to edit it in FrontPage, she was having trouble saving the changes. And FrontPage was crashing. All my fault for doing it right.

Well, I had tested those pages in FrontPage before I let them out of my office. I had no trouble editing or saving, and FP didn't crash. SO before you blame me and my mad codification skillz, back the f*ck up and get a real tool.


June 25, 2003

more intact

Well, I did some kitchen reorganizing last night and this morning, and Nala put together the breakfast table, which fits perfectly into the space. I've found a whole entire other shelf in the cupboards on which to put things (which still have yet to be unboxed). Dishwasher is running another load every few hours. Need to do laundry -- can't find work shirts or pants. (Didn't I just wash them?) Need to get feet for washer! (Apartment washer, has been on casters for 6 years, now on pedestal, can't be rolling.) Cookout tonight, RSVP at the house number if you want us to be sure and get it.

This evening is a "please for god's sake let's move some stuff to the proper room so we aren't tripping over it" night. Tomorrow is another "move the office from the apartment to the house, and finish cleaning" night.

I will be so glad when we get our lives back!

Oh, and thanks to the fabulous Ms. Jen for the new rug and lamp, which of course go fabulously with our stuff. And for the paint chips. Happy Housewarming to us!

nekkid, the actual story

Well, the story is actually really pathetic. When I was in college in Athens, the "scene" was kind of non-existent outside the bars on specific nights, and I had been chatting with this one guy online. No photo (should've been my first warning sign), but most people back then didnt have scanners, etc. I didn't think anything of it, but we decided to meet after work and maybe hang out.

Now, those of you who know me know that I will give anyone a chance as far as meeting new people. I don't care what you look like, as long as your personality meshes well with mine, I'll befriend you.

So... after work, I agree to meet this new guy. He's about 5'9, pudgy, dark hair, glasses, and sort of living-in-mom's-basement looking, which was typical for that town. He was small enough and shy enough I didnt see him as a threat, so I agreed to go to the lake to hang out. (public place, etc.)

Well, I didn't realize there was more than one "lake" near Athens. While I was thinking about the one at the state park, he was thinking the nudie lake off the dirt road back in the hills. Yes, folks, there is one. It's owned, apparently, by the one CIS prof. And, most of the nude bodies I saw there were fellow students and coworkers from my dept.

It became apparent there was only one reason he wanted to go there: to see me naked, and to possibly get some action later. I was waaaaay creeped out, and after about 10 minutes of sitting there mortified by the sights around me, I told him we needed to leave. (After all, he wasn't getting naked, so I sure as hell wasn't.)

I had him take me back uptown, and after that I never saw or heard from him again. Nobody ever said anything at work, and I was glad. Everything returned back to normal, and I never went back to that place again.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, says the kitty

so i had my meeting with my boss yesterday. he assured me that all is well and i will "most definitely" keep my job. i'm still going to [excuse me while mister needy-cat decides to molest me while i type] apply [damn he's needy] for [goddammit chester!] the other two positions to keep my options open. they pay less, but what doesn't anymore?

as for the nekkid story, i'd almost forgotten, and i will tell it soon, i promise. (and non-Ohio-Jay, it's a bad naked story, just so you know.)

ok, i'm off to work.

June 24, 2003

worried. again.

every so often, i have to talk myself down from the edge of insanity, where i think about what will happen if i lose my job.

so, i opened up the "green sheets" and found a position i would be perfect for. done it before, loved it, fully qualified, that pays less than I'm making now, and another that i could do, but i have reservations about, that pays more.

i'm going to apply for them both. just for kicks. i know the one i would want is not the one which would be the more logical to try to get.

yeah. i really want the lab manager position.

June 23, 2003


Most definitely a Monday.

And, as I tend to avoid discussions about religion (or lack thereof), I would normally avoid the Monday Mission today, but what the hell...

1.What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

As usual, I'm not answering because if I do, it may trigger what could be seen as anti-(stereotypical)-Christian rage.

2. What is the difference between someone listening to what you say and hearing what you say?

Listening requires paying attention.

3. What's the difference between a Father, and a Daddy?

You know what? These sound like the kind of dumb-ass questions taken from junior high and high school Sunday School curricula. I should know - I taught for 3 years. I'm not answering.

4. What's the difference between being married and living together?

A piece of paper which gives you legal rights, unless you count commonlaw as marriage, which avoids the piece of paper entirely, but isn't recognized by insurance.

5. What's the difference between growing up and growing old?

6. What's the difference between getting what you want and getting what you need?

7. What's the difference between punishment and discipline?

Indeed too much Sunday School here. I'm done.

June 19, 2003


There's a link I must remember to post here, and a story about a nude swimming pond I must remember to tell. Yeah. Creepy.

banko uno and deluxxx

This morning, like a lot of mornings, I checked my bank statement online. The usual charges appeared: Target, Lowe's, gas for the car, dinner here and there... but then another one showed up which I shouldn't have seen.

Check Order Fee $19.80

Problem: I did not order checks.

Well, I called my bank, where the customer service agent tried to tell me, repeatedly, that I ordered checks, which I did not. After 10 minutes of arguing, I got pissed. "WHAT PART OF I ... DID ... NOT ... ORDER ... CHECKS DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!" Then, she finally broke and said she would remove the fee.

"What about the checks? They were apparently ordered 2 weeks ago! I didnt order them nor have I received them!"

She said she would have to transfer me to the check printing company. And she did, before I could protest. While the bank had the correct new address, the check company did not (second time in 5 years that happened to me -- wrong house number). So, somebody got 150 checks of mine. They said they would keep me on the line, call the bank, and cancel the checks, which they did. No charge to me.

As for my concerns about someone having the "name as it appears on the account, the routing number, and the account number" they said they would mark all those checks as being forged if they came in, and would move everything to a new account for me, for free, if I wanted that too. I probably will do that, but I'm not sure what accounts I have which will be screwed up by that.


June 18, 2003

furniture day

so, today is furniture day...

they had the wrong phone number listed, despite the fact we repeated it to them 5 times, so we did not get the call last night to tell us when to be home. instead I called them at 8:30. they said "oh we left a message" -- to which I said "not at my number". Efficiency at its best.

the living room is fairly clean, and I'm hoping to make it cleaner by the time the furniture arrives. I can't wait.

and i saw this [some color] couch that i totally fell in love with, and when i when over to see what the price was it was sold--to [naladahc]!!!
i told [mr. pickles] i'm totally coming to your house and stealing that couch, it's totally to die for.

Kelmeister (quoted above) thinks it's a different color than Nala and I thought it was when we looked at it, proving again that colorblindness is indeed a handicap.

June 17, 2003

a last call for donations

(note: link goes to PayPal Donation for Courtney's Angel Adventure)

Internet blog friend, Courtney, is raising money for a good cause, the National Brain Tumor Foundation. Check out the details here.

I myself gave a couple bucks, despite having just bought a new house.

While I'm at it, I'll say I give to MDA and my local PBS affiliate. And to Children's Hospital. In case you were trying to think of places to throw money at.

Children's is the reason I'm alive and healthy. Muscular Dystrophy claimed the life of my good friend Shawn last year. PBS is a great way to keep quality independent (and other) programming on the broadcast airwaves.

My father and my mom's cousin were misdiagnosed with MS, so there's yet another charity. Then there's all the folks I know with Lupus. And Krohn's.

Pick one. Or one of your own.

four point oh

ART EDUC 367N01   ETHNC ART   05
   20.0   02205-5   A

Getting Fuzzy

Must... Buy... Razors... YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This beard is driving me nuts!

Speaking of Dads and Other Stuff

So, I called my parents' new home in Florida, and my mom answered: "Do you want to go half on your dad's Father's Day present?" And I'm thinking, I just spent a freaking buttload on this new house, and you're gonna want something big, arent you?

Well, after playing a guessing game about what costs $200, my mom finally told me they had found a small, used, motor scooter. Again with the guessing, my mom tries to get me to figure out the color. Turns out, it's pink.

What is it with my dad and pink? Is there something he isn't telling? Or is he just an old man who doesnt care what people think anymore?

So, now my parents have a motor scooter. Hooray.


Sunday was The Vee's birthday... as usual, viel spaB! But, I also learned a lot. The "Happy Birthday" song in German is just that... not "Zum Geburtstag, viel Gluck!" (which is what we learned in high school, but seems to be the wrong preposition to me, anyway). Frohlich Geburtstag, vielleicht?

And, "Just Married" (as in what you write on newlyweds' cars) is not written in German either. Surprise!

My favorite is when she and her roommate float in and out of English conversation. Usually, I can follow along, but I always feel like I'm snooping if I listen to them speaking German to each other. But, I pick up only bits and pieces, so ... whatever.

It's strange to me to now know so many Germans and German speakers. In my high school, we had a choice of 2 languages: German or Spanish. Spanish was what everyone took. Back then, Spanish students outnumbered German students 4 to 1. Now, since there is open enrollment, it's no longer the case. German is being taught every period of the day, and at 4 levels.

My interest in German came from when I was small, and my dad had just taken a job with AEP. Some German engineers came to see the work that was going on at the plant, staying for several months (a year?) here in the states. They got to know my dad really well, and often came to visit our farm. Every year since, they and my parents have exchanged holiday greetings and bits of family news, all in German (all usually read and translated and written by me.)

Heinz Blum and Werner Ott were their names. One has a boy my age, I think. The other, if I remember, has 2 boys and a girl, one boy who just got married last year. They sent photos. Stefan (Heinz's son) and I used to exchange stamps when we were both into stamp collecting. We also used to exchange baked goods. (Mmm, ginger cookies...)

Someday, if I ever get there, I'll stop to see them, if just to say hello. Having not seen them in 20 years, there is nothing much we have in common, but it would be sort of neat.

And one last bit of German trivia in my family: my grandmother, here in Ohio, grew up in a German "neighborhood" in among the rural hills. Her best friend growing up was German, and I met the lady many times while she was still living. I know my grandma misses her very very much, since they spent a LOT of time together after their husbands were gone.

Ugh. I'm pretty good at depressing myself.

Tonight will be spent at the new house, cleaning the living room for the new furniture's arrival. Woohoo!

June 16, 2003

Dad's Day, Belated...

Courtney's doing it again... getting me to post more. This time, it's about Dad.

Of course, yesterday was spent moving and then celebrating The Vee's birthday, which was nice, but because it fell the day after a big wedding, it seemed very disjointed when the newlyweds arrived.

Anyway... 20 things about my dad...

1) He was a strict disciplinarian.
2) He grew up here in Ohio.
3) He had 2 brothers.
4) He retired about 4 years ago.
5) He was disabled a couple years before that.
6) He has a strange neurological disorder nobody can seem to diagnose properly.
7) He, like most men of his generation, has had some heart problems.
8) He was a Navy man.
9) He once held top secret security clearance.
10) When he married my mom, the military freaked, because he didnt know much about her.
11) My dad loves math, physics, and chemistry.
12) He was about 6 classes from his bachelors when he quit school.
13) He holds 2 Associates and a couple certifications.)
14) He was in his 30s when he started college.
15) He is a dirty old man.
16) He likes meatloaf and liver with onions.
17) He's been married almost 37 years.
18) He used to smoke, but not since I was born.
19) He used to drink, heavily, but not a drop since I was born.
20) He worked for the EPA and also for the nation's top polluter, which happens to be an anagram of that acronym.

Wow, that was easy.

June 13, 2003

holy f*cking shite.

this has been a totally up and down day.

i just found out some horribly bad news. i have no details of which i can speak. people related, not job related.

then, my best friend from high school just announced his wedding date, too. wonder if i'm in it? probably not. who knows.

a day of much activity

got home last night about midnight + 15 from Mr Pickles bachelor party. Not too exciting, but a chance to hang out with people I hadnt seen in forever, eat some pizza, tell stories about Mr P, and then go to a girly bar.

i would critique it here, but i'll wait till after the wedding. suffice it to say, yes, I am still attracted to girls, but not most of the ones there. to quote sir mix-a-lot, silicone parts were made for toys.

that's all I'm sayin. well, that, and Jessica Rabbit was cute. and actually, fleshy girl was, too. and Mae West. Ok, done now. Seriously. I won't talk about the flat-chested girls or Ms. Buttaface. or the really good looking waitress who was better looking than the dancers.

oh. well, i guess i've said enough.

today is friday. nala's home from work. sidewalks done today. i'm super sleepy (5 hours of sleep! woo!) and if it werent for trying to save up vacation time, I wouldnt be at work.

it's a sleepy friday, so here's my friday five.

1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have?

Well... win the lotto, I suppose. And on a more realistic track, tour Europe and visit family sites there.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?

I try. I can't remember not being.

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened?

Like every time another one announces to me he's gay? Yeah. Kinda sick of that. Or, when I found out my fiancee had been cheating on me every weekend for 2 years. Yeah, that sucked too.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?

Um. This wouldve been easy when I was a kid. Now, I think the world we live in is enough.

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted?

I could be vulgar here, but I'll keep it clean. I always wanted to be a better musician. Guitar, piano, and trombone have eluded me, and my saxophone skills are all but gone.

Here's last week's while I'm at it... appropriate for a wedding weekend...

1. How many times have you truly been in love?

One. The first three were trial runs.

2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most?

Skipping this one, since he'll read this...

3. What qualities should a significant other have?

Patience. Humour. Those are probably the biggest.

4. Have you ever broken someone's heart?

Yeah, but mine has been broken just as much. I know a couple who were really devastated when we broke up (one being my ex-fiancee... despite the fact she'd been cheating on me anyway.)

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be?

If you're not friends with the person first and foremost, a relationship probably won't work. At least in my experience.

June 12, 2003

Out at the Prom

Newsweek (seemingly teamed with MSNBC) had this article on same-sex dates at prom.

Let me tell you -- 12 years ago, in my high school, interracial couples couldn't go to prom without facing expulsion, not only from the prom, but from school as well. I shudder to think what would happen if two guys or two girls decided to go together as more than friends.

Junior year, our two female foreign exchange students went to prom together... most everyone dismissed it as "eh, they're foreign", but there was some question as to the Spanish girl's orientation. Most people didn't like her, and she never dated, so it was a way for both to go to prom and not feel left out.

Senior year, my classmate, Nichole, brought her friend Tara. Nichole wasn't exactly the most attractive girl back then (think Robert Smith from the Cure, and, no offense to Nichole, add a few pounds). People dismissed it, since everyone knew Nichole wasn't a lesbian, and she was known for being a big troublemaker.

Last time I went to the high school for a basketball game, when I was in college back home, I heard a LOT of kids talking about either being gay or bi. Don't ask me why, but I was in earshot, so I heard it. And, surprisingly, for being a totally rural small town, they sounded ok with everything.

I'd write more, but I'm back to doing reports for the boss's boss's boss.

June 11, 2003

Unexpected Tuesday


Pickles and Kelmeister have a nice house on a quiet street in Hilltop USA. Congrats go to them on this, their most busy, stressful week. (House closing, apartment showing, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception...)

On the way back, Nala initially said "Let's stop at Bargain Outlet." But then he said "Hey, does that Value City Furniture have anything?" And we walked out with a whole new living room for under $600, tax included. (Of course, shipping was added, too).

Oh, and the NBC version of Coupling? Sucks. We're going to start a betting pool on new fall shows... Must Fail TV.

June 10, 2003

And it only gets worse...

So, I really shouldve loaded my car last night, as not only are the rains coming, but also it seems a crisis has come up at work requiring my late attendance.

Yes. Of course it did. This is how it always works. Need to do something after work? Well screw you, because we decided at the last minute that we (meaning management 4 levels above me) need new reports. Today. New reports that require hours of data mining, for lack of a better term.

So tempted to tell someone to shove it if I have to stay past 3. I didnt come in at 6 and skip lunch so I could work late.

Update: boss just said he's fine for today, so I'm off...

June 9, 2003

Monday Back-to-work Blues

Ugh. I actually got up this morning and wanted to keep working on the move. How lame is that?

Well, I can tell you, it's lame.

Thankfully, things are returning to normal. And, I do see an end in sight. My goal? To get my closet moved this evening, and also get the router and firewall set up.

Oh, hey Vee, the Airport reaches all the way to the back gate, and one house in either direction. And the house to the east has an open network, too. And there are two others in the vicinity which I didnt try yet.

Now I just need a new battery. *sigh*

Pay bills, buy battery and powercord.

June 7, 2003

An Update

Ok, we got a lot of stuff moved, but a lot to go. Our small part of the yard sale didnt happen for us, but we cleaned up on the bargains.

Even saw my professor today. Asa asked me how an 'A' tastes.


Oh, and I took a little warwalking tour thru the hood. 4 networks, including ours, at least one is wide open. (the one next door).

Hm. I get full signal from our Airport clear at the very back of the yard. Wow.

Type type type away from the deck or the front porch. Or across the street. This rocks.

Oh, Nala's parents were here today. Brought us enough cleaning and hygiene supplies to last the summer. And maybe the autumn.

Oh, and they gave us something else, too, which was unexpected, and very very incredibly nice. I couldnt express my thank yous.

GigaParents wont be here till July. My mom misses Ohio, even with the rain, but their house isnt completely redecorated or furnished, so they're staying till it's done. Another week till the carpet goes in, and they're painting and wallpapering while they wait. Dad says Mom is holding off on redoing the kitchen floor till the fall.

That's it for now. Time to clean up and go home.

June 6, 2003

one thing to say

I have one thing to say before the cablemodem finally gets installed:

Jay had fun last night. I got a call around 2:45 saying "I'm not coming back yet, it's turning out to be a really good date." And he just staggered in the door. And he was glowing, in all aspects of the word.

That's all I'm sayin.

Now, I return you to your regularly scheduled boredom.

June 5, 2003


been moving and cleaning and such. not much else to say. too busy. finishing my final. Jay is coming to town later, so I gotta get everything done.


June 2, 2003

today is the day

Today, at 1pm, we get the keys.


We both have carloads full of stuff. I need to go to ApplianceSmart and get the fridge and dehumidifier. I need to go to the bank.

Nala needs to call the water co. and the gas co. to see if we can get those turned on a day early. Electric will be on when we get there.

No water till Wednesday PM. This means no cleaning till Wednesday PM, unless they havent actually shut off the water yet. We shall see.

I hope I can leave by 1pm. Can't wait to start tearing apart my new office! (and yes, I know we're really not starting projects before moving, but that needs to be done so I can get my office furniture in.

Oh happy day!

And the girls are leaving us their firewood.